Mysterious Mysteries & Legendary Legends


The Gang Explores the Irespan

Having defeated Jaster, and fended off whatever evil force was possessing his body, our heroes found themselves under the employ of Magnimar City once again. This time, they were requested to extract a VIP who had gone missing while exploring the ruins in the Irespan (aka Giant’s Bridge). For some reason, disappearing into the ruins has become much more popular lately, and having high-profile explorers and such die in your city is pretty bad for its public image.

The mayor demanded that whatever entrance these hooligans are using to dungeon-crawl themselves to death be sealed up, though this may be a tall order considering the nature of the bridge. Guard-captain Acacia suggested that dealing with whatever is inside directly may be a more effective, if more deadly approach.

After the party spent some time asking around the docks, Trig found a shady character who was willing to tell her the whereabouts of a ferryman who was willing to take adventurers out to the seaward entrances to the Irespan. The ferryman in question was a somewhat young sailor, who didn’t give his name and was very persistent in keeping up the charade of being a mere tour guide to the city’s coastal sights. Eventually he brought them to the most notorious entrance, located high up on a pillar sticking out of the sea, disguised as one of the many large stone gecko heads used to decorate the structure. He even furnished a ladder to aid the party in reaching the entrance, though he continued to pretend that he had no idea what was going on. Through either wits or sheer dumb luck, Herah managed to successfully unlock the secret entrance by twisting one of the eyes as though it were a combination lock. They were in!

After climbing down a great distance, the party eventually found themselves in the main entryway of the dungeon. On the floor was the carving of a seven-pointed star known as the Sihedron Rune, a symbol both of the ancient empire which once ruled this region and on of their primary goddesses. On the far wall, there was a glowing rune with entrances to hallways on either side, and a small note scrawled underneath. Once the rune was touched, a female voice called out with instructions to surrender their armaments in the hallway. A hallway which had many white arms sticking out of its walls. After giving up their weapons to the hall arms, they managed to walk through the following rooms without incident. Quin detected some switches, and some hidden runes in the floor, which Dave managed to identify as warding runes of some kind. Herah activated her magic boots, and everyone floated across on her back.

Next up was some sort of control room, filled with switches in four small sets and decorated with different murals above them. Trig wanted to pull all of the switches and see what happened. This idea was quickly decided to be a bad one. Upon closer observation, they found more notes scrawled on the floor, similar to the one in the first room. These marked the different sets of switches as “spin,” “up down,” “rotation,” and " X ".

Herah pulled one of the “up down” switches, and a doorway on the other side of the switch platform opened, as a series of lights went up. On the other side of this door was a room which appeared to have moving part. The reason it appeared this way is because it did have moving parts. After everyone went in, the door shut behind them and the whole place started shifting about. DRAXILLIAN

It was difficult to tell how far they had traveled, but eventually the door opened again, this time leading into a large room filled with statues of smiling figures, holding items related to games of chance and striking dramatic poses. SLOT ROOM, END


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