• (dead) Drow Monk

    (dead) Drow Monk

    Mystery Man who holds some position within the cult. Died by Saren's holy blade of justice.
  • Andrea Haralam

    Andrea Haralam

    Mid-level boss within Frallino's gang, her faction deals with loan sharking and drug dealing.
  • Bartolomeu Frallino

    Bartolomeu Frallino

    A high-ranking member of the Frallino Family's gang, known for being ambitious and a bit paranoid.
  • Captain Acacia Uriana

    Captain Acacia Uriana

    Head of the City Watch
  • Geralt Mongo

    Geralt Mongo

    Mongrelman Chieftain
  • Gualter Haralam

    Gualter Haralam

    Mid-level boss within Frallino's gang.
  • Old Man

    Old Man

    Crazy old man hanging around the Forgotten Temple's entrance
  • Seldros Illarn

    Seldros Illarn

    This drow man is decked out with all manner of vials and alchemical instruments. He seems to be fixated on researching the undead.
  • Vasco Diavolo

    Vasco Diavolo

    Master of the Spooky House