Mysterious Mysteries & Legendary Legends


The Gang Investigates, Interrogates, and Infiltrates (maybe)

The gang chased down the roguish individual that had appeared in the dockside street, eventually capturing her. They took her to the City Watch’s headquarters, to interrogate her and hand her over to the fantasy cops. Under the supervision of the watch, Herah, Trig, and Saren played Good Cop/Bad Cop/Supportive Cop, and eventually made the alleged assassin spill her guts.

She turned out to be a member of the Night Scales, a powerful and secretive criminal organization that encompassed the Thieve’s Guild, Assassin’s Guild, and held covert ties to many other organizations and businesses in the city. Under duress, she continued to claim that her involvement went no further than this one job, simply to follow the group and keep tabs on them, and that she was given no other information other than the bare minimum required to complete her task. She went on to account for an earlier slip up where she mentioned a cult by explaining, rather erratically, how there were tons of cults around and every once in awhile someone pops up who claims they can kick-start the end times, but they were usually full of shit. The Night Scales take any job that “doesn’t stink” from anyone who can pay the price. She told them the neighborhood where the Night Scales held meetings, among other supposed secrets.

Dave’s previous trip to the library yielded a possible lead: a book contained in the archives’ famed “forbidden collection”, which supposedly contained a wealth of information on obscure cults and old gods and the like, though he didn’t have a title to go off of at the moment.

The gang went to Rag’s End, where the Night Scales allegedly met up for secret crime meetings, to investigate their new lead. After a few dead ends, including a pit trap/failed robbery, they noticed a small group of ragged individuals who were not only a little too well equipped to be common beggars, but were also speaking in some sort of code. A possible scheme was hatched to have Trig join the Night Scales as a double agent, in order to get as much info as possible before ditching them.

Meanwhile, Dave and Quinn returned to The Founder’s Archives (library) to search for a way to access the forbidden collection.

Trig received another letter from a mysterious benefactor, offering to safely rid the party of Jaster’s fucked up stone. They outlined a meeting at dawn a few days later, with an agent who was authorized to negotiate on the sender’s behalf.


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