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The Party's Fall Break

While Diavolo was temporarily subdued via a command undead spell for 6 days, the gang took some much-needed time off.

Dave hung out at the Archives, soaking up information and awkwardly trying to find other Cubicles & Coworkers enthusiasts.

Fauntleroy hung out at Diavolo’s house- reading, picking up fashion tips, and learning the art of costuming. He also drank some mimosas on Diavolo’s front porch.

Hera was super busy. She researched Elvish at the archives, patrolled town looking for small-time criminals, got chummy with the City Watch, and attempted to make a copy of the Demon Encyclopedia from Diavolo’s library with the help of her guard friends. They tried, but it ended up being a really shitty copy.

Quin explored the surrounding hinterlands- camping, hiking, and climbing to her heart’s content. She had some brief, strange conversations with travelers passing through the area.

Saren spent time near the abandoned Church of Sarenrae, attempting to bring back the sun goddess’s light to the area by providing aid and healing to the locals.

Trig spent her days pulling pranks and bugging everyone else on the team, and nights with Diavolo. She interviewed him, flirted, and learned a lot about life as a vampire as well as various things relating to the undead.

Halloween Spooktacular Part II
Halloween Spooktacular

We go to a bar to celebrate the Autumnal Festival taking place. Some kids sing a spooky scarecrow song in the street before we go in. Inside, a bard tries to strike up some seasonal entertainment by singing a song about a local urban legend. Another man in the bar tells about a haunted house which we decide to check out. While walking there we are passed by a carriage which disappears ahead of us at the gates to the house. We climb up Herah to get over the gates (including a stunning display of dexterity by Fauntleroy) and are followed by Trig and Herah who fly over. Trig does a lap around the house and senses hella undead before being attacked by a swarm of bats. They are followed by a giant bat and together they attack the party.

Fauntleroy takes a little damage (-3=45) and casts Burst of Radiance, discovering that they aren’t evil creatures. The group defeats the large bat and the smaller ones disperse. They head to the house, Dave and Saren cling together as the door opens by itself. A servant appears and asks if we want to meet his master Vasco Diavolo, Trig assents. Fauntleroy thinks it’s someone else and looks forward to style advice. After the servant leaves, Saren hears pipeorgan music coming from further in the house. We bust down a wall in pursuit of it and are ambushed by ghouls and zombie dogs. We defeat them, Trig takes one of the dogs as a pet and names it Wishbone. Dave also accidentally set the house on fire with a panicked casting of Flaming Sphere.


Saren heals us (+16) and we begin interrogating the captured enemy. Dave and Fauntleroy play good wizard, bad wizard. Fauntleroy shakes him! He shakes him again! He successfully intimidates (20!) the guy and he spills his guts. He was researching bringing back the dead and the altar in front of us has the boosted magic to do this. He believed they wanted to bring back intelligent zombies. The Seugathi was the one who brought them here and seemed to know all about the area. The worm offered to take them out of Drow society so they followed it. Trig loots the bodies and brings it back for scrutiny. Nothing matches his outfit so Fauntleroy isn’t interested in having anything.

Items looted:
• Bracers of Armor +2, provide protection bonus — Trig
• Headband of Wisdom, +2 wisdom bonus to score — Quinn
• Ring of Protection, +1 deflection bonus — Dave
• 2 potions of enlarge person – Fauntleroy and Herah
• Scroll of burning hands (sell for 24 gold)
• Masterworks: Dart, light hammer (Herah), longbow (Quinn), scythe (100 for selling weapons)
• 426 pp, 1586 gp, 621 sp, 3144 cp (1.037) and 14 unidentified gems (250 gold each after selling)

Herah tells us that while the looting was going on the invisible guy turned into water. Dave checks it out and notices the water actually smears off to the side so he more likely just tried to escape. Quinn tracks to see where he went and Fauntleroy throws a fireball at the altar to see if he can damage the altar, with little success. Saren imbues her sword and attacks the altar, hacking at it till it’s destroyed. We relocate the invisible water guy and drag him out with the rest of them after a few well-aimed kicks.

We grab the prisoners and head for the exit. On the way out, the old man from the beginning congratulates us and hands us a coin with a many pointed star and symbols on it. They are symbols of his god and if we show it to other people of his religion they’ll treat us with kindness. Quinn’s raven familiar waits outside and they’re reunited.

We return to town and drop off our prisoners, Fauntleroy gets to talk shop with the wizard lawyers. The captain, Captain Acacia, arrives and we relay everything to her. She gives us each a pouch of 100 gold.


After resting a full day with our Mongrel bros, we return to the surface to continue searching for that one guy. Saren heals Dave for his remaining charisma, calls him Danny but Dave doesn’t correct her because he really wants that healing. They go to check on the people they left in the cages, they’re messed up looking so we leave them there with some food and water and continue on to the fancy door. Quinn checks the door for traps and finds none. Trig tries to open it but can’t because she was pulling not pushing. Fauntleroy spends the downtime talking on the cell stone to the Mongrel Men.

Once it’s open, we discover an ornate room filled with carvings of tentacled beings. The group enters and hears chanting, Fauntleroy recognizes it as Aklo. We sneak down the tunnel and find a church-like room with a raised alter. The giant worm sits behind the altar, the Drow and another (who appears to be the Archeologist) are also gathered around along with some cultists.

Fauntleroy casts Burst of Radiance to blind the Drow and battle begins. The worm wiggles towards us and whispers in our minds, we pretend not to hear to piss it off. The worm has twin tails, in one it holds a sword and in the other a wand. It casts fireball at us and all but Trig and Herah dodge successfully but are still singed (-11). Saren heals us for +9, we all round attacks. Herrah approaches the worm and a change seems to come over her. The worm fireballs again (-22, currently at 17 then healed for +8= 25). The battle continues, Herrah goes in and out of mental control and stabs herself. The rest of us continue to fight. Fauntleroy calls out “Hey ugly!,” two enemies look.

Saren defeats the monk, Fauntleroy lands the final blow on the worm, Saren heals us some more (+11 =36), Herrah has falls unconscious, Quinn downs the cultist, the archeologist Drow surrenders, and Trig uses acid touch on an unconscious man to kill him. The latter of which unsettles Fauntleroy and he no longer trusts her.

The party feels something come over them, as if they gained a level.


We reach the end of the tunnel and Trig tries to look around the corner but fails to be sneaky. Four vegepygmies, plant like creatures that come from dead bodies, are there and we enter battle. Fauntleroy takes a bit of damage (-12) before they are defeated. Upon entering the larger cave we see eight more tunnels branching off. Leaving it up to fate, we roll Dave’s die to choose a tunnel.

Traveling down the tunnel we find a shantytown of Mongrel Men. We befriend them and they tell us that a group of drow and a giant worm passed through. Herah leaves a stone of far speech with them because they’re rad dudes and we go on to where they say the drow went.

We roll to go down another tunnel and enter a room with three more tunnels branching off. One of these lead into somewhere called “the Darklands.” It’s composed of layers below the earth, the layer below us is where the drow and evil dwarves have their cities. The layer after us, the lowest, is the layer where unspeakable horrors live. We get our Mongrel Men on the cellular stone to explain all this to us. They also say the vegepygmies are causing trouble for them so we pause to take care of them.

Fauntleroy gets to cast some cool fire magic and also takes some damage from battle (-15). Quinn points out that the patch of mold is russet mold which is causing the bodies to turn into the vegepygmies. Together we defeat the monsters and Quinn remembers that healing magic has an effect on the mold. Saren casts channel energy (+13) and the mold retracts. We return to the Mongrel Men town to chill with Gerrult and Crab-claw Jerry and have some ice cold Rockshines. Dave almost dies of his fungus cough but Saren heals him (not until after we try the keg stand). We rest to return to strength, Fauntleroy dreams vividly of pygmy elephants.


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