Mysterious Mysteries

Night Scales
This secretive criminal organization runs Magnimar’s underworld. Why was one of them tailing the party?
-The Night Scale informant has been captured and interrogated, she claimed that her only job was to keep tabs on the party, and that even she does not know the identity of her employer, due to the way the Night Scales run their business.
-She also spilled her guts about a number of business contacts and allies that the Night Scales keep in touch with.
-The Night Scales are based in Lost Lane, part of a small slum known as Rag’s End.

Cult Symbol
A curious symbol was drawn on the wall of the Pie Shop after the break-in. So far no one has identified it definitively.
-Dave’s/Herah/Saren determined that the symbol contained a combination of arcane and religious influences.
-The Forbidden Collection may hold a definitive answer as to the symbol’s origin.

The Seugathi
The cultists inhabiting the abandoned temple have been defeated, and the monster that lead them is slain, but it’s true purpose remains unknown.
-Seldros Illarn, an alchemist who worked closely with the cult, said that they were attempting to take over the town and establish power on the surface world.

Mumble Jack
A creepy nursery rhyme (they’re all creepy) and a Magnimarian urban legend make reference to a terrifying creature, sometimes referred to as Mumble Jack or The Scarecrow.
-The creature is rumored to live somewhere in Underbridge, where it was first spawned in some vile act of desecration or a botched necromantic experiment. It stalks the streets at night, looking for victims to slay and consume.

Spooky House
A Haunted mansion full of ghouls and inhabited by the vampire Vasco Diavolo.
-Trig says that she killed Diavolo while he was still under the effects of her spel.
-No one knows what he was doing in there, or what his ghoul servants are there for.
-It seems like no one but a lone drunk moron at the bar was suspicious of the place at all.
-Since Diavolo’s defeat, the mansion has been demolished.

Mysterious Mysteries

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