Locations- Magnimar



  • Church of Pharasma- Dedicated to the goddess of birth and death.
  • Cathedral of Abadar- Dedicated to the god of cities, law, and wealth.
  • Church of Sarenrae- Dedicated to the goddess of sun, healing, and redemption. It has fallen into disrepair since its head cleric and his acolytes were assassinated.
  • Helm- While there is no official church of Helm in this city, there are shrines dedicated to the god of guardians and protection throughout the city, usually somewhere near the gates or entrances to town. These shrines are often attended to by members of the city watch, or by travelers from the lands where Helm is more widely recognized.

Education and Culture


  • Serpent’s Run- An arena that holds magical and gladiatorial competitions.
  • The Shucked Oyster- Magnimar’s classiest brothel.
  • [[Hammer & Stone]]- Tavern frequented by the city’s stone-workers and golem crafters.
  • Old Fang- A popular tavern frequented by sailors and adventurers. Famous for the head of a giant swamp barracuda which hangs on the wall, and numerous other trophies on display.


  • Irespan- aka Giant’s Bridge, an enormous structure that extends into the sea.
  • Cenotaph- A mausoleum which rises 10 stories tall, built for city’s heroes.
  • Indros Cul Vydrarch- A monument depicting Magnimar’s greatest hero, slaying a legendary monster.
  • Eyes of the Hawk- Depicts a famous pair of twin wizards, and their adventuring party.
  • Founder’s Honor- A giant statue of Alcaydian Indros, legendary Paladin and founder of Magnimar.

Locations- Magnimar

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