This is the page for our campaign with Leslie, Erin, Shawn, Meagan, Dani, and Angie.

Games are every other week, Monday nights at 6:00 PM

In this adventure, yours characters will find themselves embroiled in MYSTERIOUS MYSTERIES and come face to face with LEGENDARY LEGENDS. Perhaps you will solve LEGENDARY MYSTERIES or discover MYSTERIOUS LEGENDS. Maybe you’ll just Cronenberg the whole place and ruin everything.

Joking aside, this site is where I’ll put up all of the information for our campaign. Now it won’t get buried in the Facebook thread.
Open books (and their abbreviations) for this campaign are The Core Rulebook (CB), The Advanced Player’s Guide (APG), Ultimate Combat (UC), and Ultimate Magic (UM).

House Rules!
Mysterious Mysteries

Right now, the gang is situated in Magnimar, City of Monuments, the jewel of Varisia’s west coast. Here’s some notable places in town.

Mysterious Mysteries & Legendary Legends

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