Mysterious Mysteries & Legendary Legends


The Gang Solves Some Riddles and Dave Learns All About Mushrooms

Upon receiving Draxillian’s invitation, our heroes were immediately suspicious, considering the results of his previous contact with them. They decided to attempt exploring the 2nd level of the vaults, but when they tried to do that, they triggered a trap in the elevator room and engaged in combat with two Shriezyx. After this, they decided to just go down and meet the bastard.

The third level of the vault stood in stark contrast to the rest of the structure, as everything in this area appeared to be well-maintained, adorned with nouveau riche decor featuring a large statue of Draxillian in the center of a mushroom garden in the middle of the room. The area was attended by a small group of automatons. The statue animated, exhibiting Draxillian’s usual flair as it explained that the riches of the vault were beyond three riddle doors, which would lead to one final test and Draxillian himself.

The heroes solved these riddles handily, and Dave spent an inordinate amount of time learning about the finer points of mushroom gardening.


cdgroom cdgroom

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