Mysterious Mysteries & Legendary Legends


The Gang Hunts for Clues & Assassins

  • Trig Responds to Mysterious Letter, Agrees to Future Meetings
  • The Gang has a Meeting in the Bakery Regarding Spooky Symbol Graffiti on Their Wall
  • Mob Boss Donal Carent is Interviewed, Says the Symbol is Tied to Letters the Old Boss Received When He was Going Crazy
  • Also Says That Some of The Boss’s Creep-Ass Recruits had Prison Records
  • Everyone Learns a Bit About Magnimar’s Prison System
  • Captain Acacia is Approached, Everyone Terrible at Convincing Her to Investigate
  • The Gang Splits Up; Dave Goes to the Library, Everyone Else Looks for Tattoo Parlors
  • All But Dave Attacked by Shriezyx, Assassin Revealed
  • Quinn Makes Chase as Assassin Escaped
  • Dave Completely Unaware, Makes C&C Jokes With Library Staff


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