Mysterious Mysteries & Legendary Legends


In Which the Gang Continues Exploring the Vault

Having reached the second level of Aethild’s Vault, the gang was contacted by a man introducing himself as Draxillian, claiming to be master of the vault and requesting that the gang take care of something for him. Deciding that he was their best lead so far, our heroes followed his instructions, which lead them to a pitch black room with large unlit stone braziers at the entrance, filled with monstrous intelligent spider-like creatures known as Shriezyx. The creatures saw the adventurers from their massive web, and battle ensued.

Herah tried to strike one down, but remembered that she had given up her weapons at the entrance, so she just punched it in the face. Dave hurled a fireball into the back of the room, setting the web on fire and sending the shriezyx nest into a frenzy. Everyone ran for the exit, and Trig barely made it in time with the help of Quinn, who performed daring acrobatics to carry her out before the doors shut behind them. A shriezyx lost its leg trying to grab them. It was at this point that our heroes figured that Draxillian probably didn’t have their best interests at heart. Before they left, Dave took a moment to stare into the destructive flames which his hands had called into the world. It was a little off-putting.

Upon returning to the first level, the gang found that the hallway leading to the entry chambers was blocked. Quite literally, as a large stone block stood in the center of the doorway. The gang noticed that little constructs, known to Dave as Clockwork Spies, had been scuttling about the walls and ceiling, presumably for spying purposes. Trig tried to capture one but it escaped. Trig also saw little entrances to ventilation shafts were dispersed throughout the area, just large enough for a small creature to fit through. So, Herah carried her up to one of these openings and she tried to make her way back to the weapon confiscation area.

Trig got lucky, and found her way there quickly. The stone arms readily returned her sickle to her, and then she tried to bluff her way into reclaiming the rest of the party’s gear. That didn’t fly. So she melted off the arm that was holding Quinn’s bow and quiver. That set off an alarm, and living statues began melding out of the walls to attack her. After taking a few hits, Trig managed to escape and bring back at least some weaponry back for the group to use. And so they returned for a rematch with the shriezyx.

The gang found a badly scorched room, with one Shrizyx dead and several others suffering from various levels of burn wounds. There were various pieces of gear on the floor, near the burnt remains of other less fortunate explorers. Though most of the items were damaged or destroyed in Dave’s latest exploration into arson, there was one slightly blackened sword, which Trig managed to pull out Mission Impossible style by flying into the room invisible. Now Herah had a weapon! Our heroes made quick work of the monsters, claiming what little loot could be salvaged and moving on.

As they left to continue their exploration, Draxillian greeted the party once again. He invited them to join him on the third level, congratulating them on their success and warning them to steer clear of the rest of level two.


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