House Rules

Here are some house rules for our games. These may change, based on how they work out in actual gameplay.

  • The books that are open for this campaign are the Core Rulebook, the Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic.
  • When adding HP during level up, players are allowed one re-roll.
  • Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot are counted as one feat, rather than two separate feats.
  • Botch- When a creature rolls a 1 on their attack roll, they not only automatically miss, but are also at risk of suffering negative consequences due to the intensity of their failure. After a 1 is rolled, the GM will roll percentile dice to determine the severity of the creature’s failure. The results will vary from a harmless miss or minor inconvenience, to severe setbacks and injuries.
  • Critical Hits- Whenever you roll a natural 20, it is automatically a crit. There is no need to make a confirmation roll. This rule applies to NPCs and enemies, as well as player characters. As a side note, this means that any feats which affect your confirmation rolls are now void. Any time these feats are listed as a prerequisite, you can safely ignore them.
  • Knowledge Checks- There’s a lot of room for GM discretion in knowledge checks, so I might as well lay out what my (tentative) policy is on them.

      • For basic checks, “Do I know about x?” There will be a set DC for x; if you make it, you know it.
      • For checks regarding specific monsters, there will be a DC based on the creature’s rarity and challenge rating. If you beat it, you know what the creature is, its description, and one useful nugget of information. For each 5 points that you beat the DC by, you get another useful fact.
      • These fact nuggets are broken down into four categories: Offensive Abilities, Defense, Weaknesses, and Special (for abilities or qualities that don’t fit well into any of the other three categories). Choose a category, and you get a bit of information about the creature in question.
      • If you beat the DC by 20 or more, your character knows everything there is to know about the creature in question, any questions you have about anything are fair game (within reason, you obviously couldn’t read their mind or something like that)

More to come. If there’s anything I forgot, let me know.

House Rules

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